Dean Hardwood Flooring and Ironmongery Sales

At Dean Joinery LTD we are now supplying Ironmongery including major brands such as Carlisle Brass, Anvil and Kirkpatrick. With an Ironmongery specialist on hand, we have over 15 years of experience in the trade. On our show boards we have everything from coat hangers to outdoor lighting, bolts to letter plates, just about everything you need to finish the job in the best standard possible. Come and visit our showroom to browse the latest selection of Ironmongery. Also to view different ranges of fasteners and stays

on our windows on show. Click here to view pictures of our Ironmongery show room.

locks, hinges, handles, knobs, coat hangers, door bells, door knockers, outdoor lights, letter plates, window fasteners, window stays, T hinges, thumb latches, bolts, espag locks, door grills and many more.



Kirkpatrick Ltd is the oldest established manufacturer of black iron door and window furniture. Each malleable iron product is handcrafted and finished making each one completely unique. The use of traditional manufacturing techniques and relevant technical advances means that Kirkpatrick products are of the highest quality in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. Kirkpatrick celebrates its history and heritage and still occupies the same premises from where it all began in 1855.


Since it's inception thirteen years ago "From the Anvil" range of ironmongery has moved to the forefront of hand crafted design in metal. Starting with only a handful of products "From the Anvil" have continually developed and upgraded designs to meet and indeed surpass customers' demands and requirements. "From the Anvil" has over 200 products in four different finishes, original Beeswax, the all weather Traditional Black, the stunning Pewter Patina and most recently the rustic bronze finish.


Originally conceived to provide traditional brass door handles for housing developments, Carlisle Brass has expanded into a variety of product areas to cope with modern trends and styles. From stainless steel door handles to bathroom accessories, cabinet fittings, hinges and locks, panic equipment and electrical fittings, the Carlisle Brass group is now at the forefront of product development in the UK.